I need your help, to help people connect.

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I need your help, to help people connect.

When do you need your people to give their best?

No human is an island. Most things we value in this world, is the result of successful co-creation. 

Weather you create products, services or great relationships, your success comes down to your ability to connect and make people willing to give their very best together with you.

I know how easy it is to just ‘get down to business’, but both work and relationships can be hard. So if you don’t first create a strong We with your team – there is not much to build your future success on. However passionate you are.

Most of us want to belong - to feel a strong WE.

What do successful leaders, high-performance teams and great lovers all have in common? They all know how to connect and form strong bonds to get the best from people. Their secret is their ability to create an authentic sense of WE.

Think of the best team experience in your life. Or the best love relationship. How did it make you feel and act? How strong was the We?

What could you achieve together with your team or partner, if you could learn to create a We like that? Again and again.

A majority of us humans live in scarcity of real love and authentic connection. A strong sense of We opens the door in us, and makes us want to rise to a new level of giving our best.

We are just waiting for a reason to open up and contribute to something we really believe in. Something real and authentic.

Are you the leader that will make this happen with the people around you? At work, in business and in love.

This is what people like you experienced.

“After working with team-building most of my career, with Stefan I have now experienced an even faster way to reach the WE together.”

Former Manager of Leadership Trainings Swedish Armed Forces

Hans Hadding

“I find this approach approach fun, fresh and straight on. Stefan presents connection in a very simple and usable way. I recommend this work to anybody serious about their work as well as having a truly juicy and loving relationship in their lifetime.”

Spiritual Teacher & Healer to the Stars Miami, USA

Gabriela Castillo


What does activating your WeZone really mean?

Imagine yourself in a meeting or at a party. You are naturally connecting and creating a strong We together with your team, a customer or the guests. All resulting in a new level of inspired conversation, often leading to action and co-creation. 

Activating your WeZone is partly about learning skills, but on a deeper level about getting into a WE-state.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Module #1 IMPACT - The impact on your future success at Work, in Bussiness and in Love.
    Show Content
    • Introduction 4:37
    • Defining Your Journey. Setting Your Intention. 6:14
    • Do people trust you? 11:08
    • Finding and working with a training buddy. 2:03
    • Homework 7:45
    • Homework with your buddy.
  • 02
    Module #2 UNDERSTANDING CONNECTION - Going from shallow connection to unlocking the feeling of We.
    Show Content
    • How do I know we connect? 12:44
    • Connection and the brain. 3:50
    • Unlocking the feeling of We. 12:44
    • What brakes the connection? 12:39
    • Homework with your buddy.
  • 03
    Module #3 ACTIVATION - Activate your WeZone.
    Show Content
    • Communicate To Spark Connection. 8:35
    • Guided meditation: Deepening your We-state. 10:43
    • Working With Your We-State. 2.59
    • Your re-connection practice. 6:14
    • Homework with your buddy.
  • 04
    Module #4 OPEN UP AND DIRECTING HUMAN POTENTIAL - How to go from a strong We, to co-creation and producing tangible results.
    Show Content
    • Unlocking potential. Understanding trust and the need to feel safe. 5:50
    • Adding edge and working with comfort-zones. 3:35
    • Supporting action and co-creation. 8:33
    • Summary 8:47
    • Homework with your buddy.

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